• My first 100 days

    Since the news that Donald Trump has been elected the 54th President of the United States, I’ve been moving between anger, denial and resistance. It seems hard to believe that 54% of the women in the US—mostly college-educated, white women, to be specific—chose to vote for a man who is inexperienced in government, uneducated, a… Continue Reading

  • Cooking journal: here we go

    Since I’ve started becoming a pretty committed cook, I thought it might be cool to start a cooking journal, where I could share my experiments, thoughts about food, aspirations, etc.- for myself, but perhaps for a few close others as well. Living with the Sweetie and her family has definitely provided me with a community to… Continue Reading

  • My cooking history (in blog posts)

    I started blogging in 20o3 and fell hard for it. Writing about social media, RS feeds, search, structured data and the user behavior was my thing, and it seemed not that many women were in the field in those days. Partly to prove a point, and partly because I am (and have always been, a… Continue Reading

  • This week’s reads: June 1, 2016

    What’s been worth a read? Keeping a weekly list to share; please add your best reads in a link and/or comments: Moving forward on basic income, Elizabeth Rhodes, Matt Krisiloff, and Sam Altman,  YCombinator. Can basic income work in the US? These folks want to test in my town, Oakland, CA. “We want to run… Continue Reading

  • RIP David Bowie

    Woke up this morning and cried on learning the amazing David Bowie has died of cancer at age 69.  For me, Bowie was one of the artists who was never afraid at a time when I was very afraid, in so many ways: of being queer, of being different, of being someone my family of… Continue Reading

  • 2016: The health and fitness version

    When it comes to fitness and health, I have to live with the fact I am much more in the slow and steady time-frame than the make big changes happen quickly camp. In 18 months of effort, I’ve probably failed to meet 50% of my health and fitness goals—I am not down 60 lbs, I… Continue Reading