One last item tonightRevolution is not An AOL Keyword, Brother.
Boing Boing pointed to a wonderful blog from students at the Berkeley J-School. Eddan Katz, one of the student editors, posted a ditty created in the spirit of Gil Scott-Heron”s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
Here’s an excerpt:

There will be no screen grabs of you and
Jeeves the Butler one-click shopping at My Yahoo,
Or outbidding a shady grandma on eBay for
That refurbished iPod 20-gig. will not predict election results in Florida
Or fact-check the Drudge Report.
Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.

Also found the link to the staff bios. In addition to John Battelle and Paul Grabowicz, Scot Hacker is working on the project, and he has a sweet blog called The Bird House that I hadn’t seen.
God, there are a lot of smart people!