TRUE CRIME: Sons & Fathers
1: Damon Dash’s son busted with dad’s pot

The New York Post reported today that the 11-year-old son of Rock-a-fella rap exec Damon Dash was busted after bringing what he said was his father’s pot to school and showing it to his teacher. According to the article, the kid brought dad’s stash to school in Alpine, NJ to complain to a teacher; the teacher then arrested the child for possession. Dad, meanwhile, withdrew the kid from that school and moved him to Manhattan after the bust occurred. Meanwhile, Dash was arrested in NY yesterday on a warrant for “absconding with a child” after the kid’s mother said he intended to move the boy out of state.
2. Teen credit card hacker has IBM Security Chief pop

According to Kiernan Crowley’s exclusive story in the NY Post, the father of Loren Anderson, the 17-year-old alleged hacker arrested on Long Island in a $100,000 credit-card computer scam is Clain Anderson, director of client security for IBM – and a specialist in fighting hackers and preventing computer fraud.
The piece has some great color from Dan Verton, author of The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers. Verton, who reportedly served on a security panel last yester with Anderson pere, who suggested that the son most likely has “top of the line equipment” to learn on at home because of his father’s profession.
Apparently, according to Crowley and to other published reports, Anderson Junior started running his ATM counterfeiting scheme at home in Chapel Hill in July, then dropped out of school and moved to Long Island–alone and 17–to live with two boys he met on the web and develop the alleged credit card scam.