.Reading: A Dog Year: Twelve Months, Four Dogs, and Me, by Jon Katz, the slashdot columnist, lives about 10 miles away from me in Montclair, New Jersey. This book is an account of his relationship with Devon, a high-strung border collie he adopts.
.Cooking: Totally into cooking these days, now that I am working from home. Last night I made Salmon Croquettes, salad with avacado, chana masala and brown rice. Tonight: Rice Noodles with Basil, Thai style. Have to stop making cookies, we are all going to get fat.

.Writing: Working on piece about Kevin Sites Blog and the wonderful team that is putting this site together– Xeni Jardin, John Parres , David Ulevitch, and other folks. I find it amazing that these folks, who are outside of the traditional online newspaper and TV reporting media world, reached out to Kevin, who works for CNN, a company that is not blogging, and does not see blogging as part of their news agenda or format, and got him up. Meanwhile, online news sites are putting up very little interesting content that is not repurposed from their newspapers, AP feeds, or TV video.
.I spoke to an old friend who is a highly placed news executive at CNN and asked him whether CNN.com was planning to link to Kevin’s blog. His response: “CNN is interested in a more structured presentation of the news than blogging offers. We will present online photo galleries, brekaing news stories, video and text as a way to give our audience immediate access to new about the war in Iraq.