WHASSUP: Where’s Susan?
Have been working really hard this week on a consulting project and on pulling together materials and plans for two new projects that will launch in the next few weeks.
I’ll be at the SDForum’s Home Networking Expo in Santa Clara, CA, next Tuesday, April 29th, chairing the closing panel on Broadband adoption and the arc of the curve–and what it means for marketers and developers.
There are going to be some great people presenting– Marc Canter, the brilliant founder of Macromedia and head of Broadband Mechanics, author of one of my favorite blogs, Marc’s Voice, and all around general whiz, is going to present at 4 pm; Tom Pollock, VP of Programming for Chaosmedia networks, is on a panel at 3 pm, and Miguel Monteverde, one of the key people in the AOL Broadband team, is coming out from the East Coast to speak about how AOL sees broadband adoption going. Plus, Matt Peterson, who is working with Tim Pozar on the San Francisco community wireless networks, is coming to talk about wireless and broadband.
Meanwhile, many of the people I know in the web and blogging communities are either at or heading out to the O’Reilly Emerging Technologiesconference in Santa Clara. But fortunately, since it’s an emerging tech conference, much of the data is available on the web and in people’s blogs.
Links to presentation files are here. Anil Dash, Cory Doctorow and many others will blog it.