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Lauren Weisberger: Janet Maslin slammed the author of The Devil Wears Prada in a NY Times book review today, suggested self-promotion and arrogance are the drivers here, not literary talent. Gothamist, a smart NY web log, picks up the theme with a Gothamist Hates Lauren Weisberger post
Favorite quote: GOTHAMIST thinks that Weisberger is dumb as a brick for thinking she’d have a byline right out of school.
I searched Goggle for “I hate Lauren Weisberger” and “Lauren Weisberger sucks” links, but there are none–as of yet. I predict there will be a whole bunch by the end of May. Me-ow!
From my beloved Gossiplist: Someone doesn’t like you #2
Can someone buy Paris Hilton some underwear? ( Photo is not office friendly)

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  1. abby says:

    here’s a thought. if you dont like the book or the author, just stay away from it. dont ruin it for the rest of us that do enjoy her writing. be mature about it and offer constructive criticism if you feel she could improve.

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