Where were you when Mosaic launched?

A web page in the first Mosaic browser, 1993
This Tuesday it’s ten years ago that the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana released the first Mosaic browser. I’d attended an event at the Library of Congress the fall before the release and seen X-Mosaic, a graphical interface for Unix computers that allowed NASA to post and transmit astromomy images.
I worked at Scholastic at the time, and was building a Gopher/ Veronica/ WAIS site at the time–with Brewster Kahle and his company–and I hurried over the the NASA presenter, asking, “Is there going to be a PC release?”
“No, this is a scientific research tool,” the official replied.
Then, in 1993, I saw one of the first releases of the new Mosaic for PCs. I came home that night and told my husband that the new graphical interface would change the way information was communicated from now on and this was my future. Raced into work and started learning the mysterious HTML tags. Read up on SGML to understand the history.Launched the first Scholastic.com web site that month. Just kept on going.