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    Anil’s next speaking gig: Nigerian E-Mail Conference Marl Fraufelder is moving the fam to the South Sea Islands for a year and chronicling their experience at The Island Chronicles. I predict this will be as good as HBO! Pets with their heads in bags of food, via Camworld. CNN: Online divorces growing on popularity. Pocourante:… Continue Reading

  • BetaNews: Support for Mozilla will continue

    A recent BetaNews article says:By agreeing to the continued use of Internet Explorer, AOL effectively puts to rest the company’s longstanding plans to transition AOL client software service to its own Gecko browsing technology used in Netscape. AOL’s original license to use IE expired on January 1, 2001, and the companies failed to reach a… Continue Reading

  • Will Microsoft buy AOL?

    Is the “we’re friends now” announcement from Parson and Gates a first step toward selling off the AOL unit to a technology company that would clearly love to have their subscription list? AOL has roughly 32 MM subscribers (a drop from 18 months ago), Microsoft has 9 million. AOL is owned by a media company… Continue Reading

  • The end of Netscape: $750MM sell-off

    The end of Netscape? Now that AOL and Microsoft are best friends, the Netscape browser’s in a tough spot. Sold for $750MM in potage , AKA settlement charges, the browser–once touted as AOL’s strategic alternative to Explorer–seems like a pretty lame duck product right now. Since AOL is going to continue indefinitely using IE as… Continue Reading

  • News: To Psychopathic Murderers, Violence Is Not So Bad

    Reuters Story today: NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Psychopaths who have committed murder do not equate violence with something that is unpleasant, UK researchers said Wednesday. This relatively positive attitude toward violence was not seen in either murderers who were not psychopaths or other men with personality disorders who had committed different crimes, the authors… Continue Reading

  • Blending profit and nonprofit values–a piece from Stanford Business School.

  • Blogs & Social networks: Jumping the shark?

    Yawn, more blogging stories in big media today. Time published a piece on Friendster and dating. As some of you may know–and as everyone should know now, Friendster is a 6 degrees of separation hook-up service for friends of friends and their friends–and their friends, too, of course. Jonathan Abrams, the guy who started is,… Continue Reading