Big Biz & Innovation Summit?

Just got the weekly AlwaysOn Rap email from Tony Perkins and was a little bemused to see that AOL’s Jon Miller is going to speak at his Stanford event. July 15-17th. Perkins says this adds “even more momenteum to the event.”
Is it possible to have an Innovation Summit where a focal point is being able to talk to and run up against thje CEOs of really big, mature companies, people who might be able to give you a job, or throw your company some significant business?
Can big companies be innovative?
If the point is to get a lot of really smart people into a room and have them talk about innovation, I get that. Jon Miller is really smart and he’s helped move AOL along from the mess it was in two years ago. There is no question it is now in a smaller mess than it was then.
But I wonder how much the ” heavy weights all poised to be part of the always-on revolution” really understand innovation…or am I missing the point here?