Blogging: Promoting your blog

Promoting your blog
Okay, you’re writing the damn thing. You told your friends, your mother, and your ex-colleagues from work. Now what? Short of publishing company secrets, how do you get anyone to visit your blog?
Shirley Kaiser of Brainstorms and Raves offers tips, including links to Volokh’s Promoting One’s Blog . Tim Swanson has a Link-0-Rama section on his blog that lists all the places that will promote, list, and syndicate your blog.Other links that have value: How To Get Your Web Site Content Syndicated by Kalena Jordan and DanThies.
One of the best comments in the above advice, however, is to keep at it . It’s unrealistic to expect to build a large audience quickly, unless you are writing something very unique. Also, remember that most people unfaimilar with your writing will come to read a specific post, not your blog in general, so focus on alerting people to key posts and hope that builds up a repeat audience.
More tk on this…stay tuned.