Business: EXECUTIVE SHUFFLE: Kevin Conroy promoted at AOL

EXECUTIVE SHUFFLE: Kevin Conroy promoted at AOL
Read the announcement this morning that Kevin Conroy’s been promoted to EVP and head of broadband for AOL. I remember when Kevin joined AOL to lead the music team back in 2001. He came from BMG, where he’d worked with Napster and took a unit that needed a lot of work and made it into a powerful force for consumers, and for AOL’s bottom line. Kevin has always been one of the people at AOL who planned carefully to get things done. His move into broadband is a natural extension of his current role and his interests in live and recorded entertainment delivered digitally.
His promotion does make me wonder, however, how the AOL organization is going to shift once again. Will Kevin’s entertainment teams move with him, reflecting AOL’s continued–and new–emphasis on broadband content as their subscription revenue stream? If yes, that means a significant chunk of the programming group could move off the Programming EVP’s bottom line and into another executive’s organization.
Or, it’s possible that Kevin will move and leave his Entertainment organization in place with a new leader, perhaps his second-in command, and be more of a virtual leader for both teams.
Either way, with Conroy’s new role, the internal lines at AOL are redrawn in a way that puts one of AOL’s most focused and driving executives into an even more key role..
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