Department of Who the Hell is This Guy? Joumana Kidd Fan Club, Not
More serious journalism from the NY Post:
Is Bob Ryan, a sports columnist for the Boston Globe, a graceless twit or a media whore? Ryan told Bob Lobel, host of WBZ TV’s Sports Final, that he’d “like to smack” Jason Kidd’s wife, Joumana, because he feels she uses her son T. J. Kidd as a “prop.”
“I got theories with this woman, this Joumana Kidd who wants to be a TV star. She wants face time on camera. The great way to get face time is to bring the cute, little precocious kid. Oh, great. I’d like to smack her,” said Ryan.
Meanwhile, T.J. and his dad dad have been on the mound for the first pitch at a Yankees game, been featured in NBA television commercials, posed (with faux milk mustache) for a “Got Milk?” ad, attrended the U.S. Open and exchanged high-fives with rapper Jay-Z.
Maybe Ryan wants to smack Jason Kidd? Duh, I think not.