More on Jayson Blair: E&P–The Blair Watch Project, or who knew the Times was that wacky?
The press and the blog worlds are going crazy with the revelation in the NY Times denoucement of Jayson Blair.
One of the best alternative views is from E&P’s Greg Mitchell, who picks apart the tremendously lengthly, painstaking detailed story the Times published about what he called “The Blair Watch Incident.”
SF Indymedia takes another tack in its story –that the Times is rotten to the core and demonizing young Blair for its own failings, including pressuring young reporters to write too many stories, wear suits, and smoke outside the building.”
ChronWatch says “Jayson Blair is journalism’s Andy Fastow.”
Alternet’s writer says “According to some critics, (Blair’s) poster boy for the repeal of affirmative action…There are countless reporters of color with proven track records looking for new opportunities. The question is whether outspoken, honest journalists of color are a better fit than con artists like Blair.”
Gersh Kuntzman at Newsweek filed a column today making fun of the whole brouhaha. Kuntzman writes:” What will no doubt become known as “The Blair Switch Project” is the greatest journalism scandal since the last time a journalist fabricated stories, became the toast of the town, crashed and burned in a public spectacle of second-guessing, disappeared for a few weeks and then emerged with a six-figure book contract.”
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