My blog done broke
I spent much of today trying to repair the problems with this blog. What I hoped would take 40 minutes to fix took more like 5 hours
This morning, I decided to remove the Blogchalk data, but I was careless and removed some other code as well, probably a link to some javascript.
Trying to fix that, I made it worse–or at least not better.
By the time I fixed those problems by getting an old “good’ copy of the page and recreating all the code, I managed to break the
publishing tool–or at least delete access to my archives–and then to most of the pages. How this happened was inexplicable–
java calls, I venture.
I posted a ticket at Blogger Control, then realized that I might be able to get the site back if I switched the template. This worked.
So now I’ve just finished with new and improved meta tags, site meter, etc. My coding is definitely impoving and I am enjoying it. I remember making a deliberate decision back in 1997 not to learn CSS and keep up coding beyond the basic since I was an executive and I should focus on acquiring other skills.
Them days is sure over–and I’m glad of it.
P.S. Propos to Blogger control techs–they got to my ticket within 3 hours of posting–thank you–great service!