News: To Psychopathic Murderers, Violence Is Not So Bad

Reuters Story today:
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Psychopaths who have committed murder do not equate violence with something that is unpleasant, UK researchers said Wednesday.
This relatively positive attitude toward violence was not seen in either murderers who were not psychopaths or other men with personality disorders who had committed different crimes, the authors write in the journal Nature.
Psychopaths, despite evidence of charm and skill, are commonly unable to maintain affectionate relationships with others, while routinely engaging in impulsive, amoral and hostile behavior unhampered by guilt.
And while psychopaths who commit murder may often claim to think violence is wrong, the current findings stem from the results of tests designed to measure people’s underlying attitudes toward a concept, and not simply what they say they believe, the researchers note.

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If you substitute deception and unscrupulousness for murder, it sounds like some business folks I’ve known.