One Thousand (Cloned) Trees: Natalie Jeremijenko’s Art

Today BoingBoing highlighted environmental artist Natalie Jeremijenko’s new ” One Tree(s)” project which involves planting 1,000 clones of the same tree in various places and monitoring what happens. My friend Steven Madoff has written about Natalie’s work and had discussed it with me; great to see this getting play on BoingBoing, one of my favorite blogs (okay, maybe my favorite). The show is at Pond, info here.
A 1999 Rockefeller Fellow, Jeremijenko has done projects for MassMOCA and was named one of the top one hundred young innovators by the MIT Technology Review.Here’s a link to an amazing paper (PDF) she wrote about product design, and a link to The Biotech Hobbyist, an online magazine she produced 1998-2001. This zine is “THE place on the Web for biotech tinkerers, builders, experimenters, students, and others who love the intellectual
challenge and stimulation of hobby biotech !”
(a little conceptual art, mebbe?)
More links here.
I just realized that her initias are the same as New Jersey–NJ.
This must mean my brain has died but I am still typing. Uh-oh.