• Department of Family Ties 1: We’re all wired world

    Down in Florida for the weekend for a family birthday. My mother-in-law, Lita Jarrett, turned 75 and the family convened in Sarasota for a 4-day party. We had a great time, hanging out, swimming. talking, and-of course–eating. My nephews, Phil Bloom and Dan Jarrett, were both there, as were my sister-in-law Ellen, her sweetie Arthur,… Continue Reading

  • Alec Klein: Like Father, Like Son

    It’s a little-known fact that investigative reporter Alec Klein’s following in a family tradition by writing about the economy, news, and public affairs–with a healthy dollop of gossip. Klein’s father is Ed Klein, the former editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine, who has been writing a gossip column for Parade Magazine as… Continue Reading

  • On Alec Klein’s AOL Book, “Stealing Time”

    Alec Lein’s book is gathering press. In the news recently– Jennifer Files, in the San Jose Mercury News: “From the naive vantage point of 2000, America Online’s $112 billion deal to buy Time Warner — the largest merger in U.S. history and the subject of Alec Klein’s interesting new book, “Stealing Time” — looked like… Continue Reading

  • Department of Only in New York

    Via Gawker and 601am Lizzie Grubman, of “Fuck you, white trash” fame, is teaching a class at the Learning Annex on ” How to succeed in public relations.” Would that be professional or personal PR?

  • New funds for NYC schools?

    New York State’s highest court ruled today that New York City has failed to provide “sound basic education” to a million New York City school children. The ruling should mean more money for the cash-strapped city schools. “Tens of thousands of students are placed in overcrowded classrooms, taught by unqualified teachers and provided with inadequate… Continue Reading

  • Media: Bonnie Fuller gets the last laugh

    Bonnie Fuller, the editor in chief of US Magazine, resigned today to become editorial director for David Pecker’s American Media, the company that publishes The National Enquirer and other gossipy, mass-market rags. Rumors swirled a few years ago that Fuller, who has worked at Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and YM, among other magazines, was pushed… Continue Reading

  • Cassandra Pages

    > Instructor & Three Graduates with Diplomas and Geraniums (Tuskegee Institute, Alabama) Gelatine-Silver Print, circa 1905, 4 x 5.5 inches Cassandra, via Steve Yost: “From the exhibition The Face of Slavery and Other Early Images of African Americans at the American Museum of Photography Today’s affirmative action ruling and a thoughtful post on the subject… Continue Reading

  • AOL to go for speed

    Will you keep paying that monthly remit to AOL if you get a fast accelerate to speed up your surfing time? I might, especially if I was on a dial-up connection. According to today’s news reports, AOL is planning to announce a download accelerator, celebrity expressions, and new email features as part of July’s launch… Continue Reading