Dept. of Getting & Spending

Drove into Manhattan today–in the rain— to buy some things. First stop, J&R, where we picked out a digital camera. Got an Olympus Stylus 400 Digital , small, with good resolution, and a memory card. Since we’re going to Florida soon to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday, plus Spencer spends a lot of time with some amazing blues and gospel greats, there’s a family wish to have a digital camera. And of course, now we can take constant pictures of our dog and our son, at least till the novelty wears off.
I’m a pretty dreadful photographer, and I greatly admire bloggers like Tony Piece and Mark North, who snap great street shots and post them, so I am hoping practice with this camera will improve my skills..I need it.
After that, it was on to Howard Street, where we went into Ted Muehling to look at the amazing jewelry this designer fabricates and sells. My mother-in-law bought some of his earrings about 20 years ago, and they’ve remained favorites, so this seemed the right place to look for a gift.
Short version, I wished I could buy half the contents of the store. Or, maybe I could have just moved in. Muehling’s speciality is an exquisite, highly refined simplicity, with a sophisticated use of natural materials such as mother of pearl and shell. The word “organic” has been so over-used to be meaningless, but Muehling’s earrings have names such as gnat, moth, shell, melon–and you can see why when you look at the curves, colors, and textures of the shapes.
We picked out something wonderful, which she should love, but I can;t say what it is cause she reads the blog sometimes–so Mom, you have to wait!

But here’s a picture of one of Muehling’s porcelain pieces, just to give you a feeling for his work.
Meanwhile, here’s what I did NOT buy:
Muehling earrings for myself–$110.00
Fujitsu Lifebook laptop–$1700.00
Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life–$27.99 (!)