Jen Chung: The nice Elizabeth Spiers?

Two of the blogs I read daily are Gawker and Gothamist. In fact, the truth is that I am obsessed with both Gawker and Romenesko, as I have said before. But I also love Gothamist, which is wonderfully written ( Jen, you are an excellent writer)
Recently, I have been feeling that Gothamist was being unduly influenced by Gawker, and I’ve been a bit concerned about it–I don’t want to have to read through the Gawker School of Blogging–that would be about as bad as having to read all the Iowa School Poets again. So it was great tonight to see this entry by Jen Chung about meeting Jeffrey Steingarten, the Vogue food critic and realizing that Gothamist will never really be like Gawker, because Jen Chung is just too nice. Elizabeth Spiers, the Gawker, editor, would never say anything nice about anyone who wrote for Vogue, let alone Jeffrey Steingarten, the one food-loving, well-padded straight guy on the masthead.

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  1. citygrrrl says:

    Jen Chung is a talentless, horrible writer and Gothamist sucks, you ninny!

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