Media: Bonnie Fuller gets the last laugh

Bonnie Fuller, the editor in chief of US Magazine, resigned today to become editorial director for David Pecker’s American Media, the company that publishes The National Enquirer and other gossipy, mass-market rags. Rumors swirled a few years ago that Fuller, who has worked at Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and YM, among other magazines, was pushed out of Conde Nast because she angered Anna Wintour and was perceived as too ambitious. At American Media, Fuller will reportedly receive a package worth more than $1 million, an equity stake in the company and bonuses for overall company performance on the newsstand.
There’s no question that Fuller is a brilliant and hard-driving editor who turned US around and that she is a perfect fit for Pecker’s ambitions, but the really fun part of this is Fuller bucking proving herself to the old guard magazine world of Conde and Hearst and then throwing over that system to become the visionary for an ambitious tabloid company–it’s too delicious.