• Local History: The San Jose Acid Test

    It turns out the the neighborhood we are moving to, Naglee Park, had quite an active scene back in the 60’s. The Grateful Dead’s first show took place 12/4/65 in Big Nig’s house in Naglee Park. One of my soon to be neighbors in SanJo has been recalling the local pyschedelic scene back then. He… Continue Reading

  • Lily the Exhibitionist’s blog

    Don’t ask how I found this one. Hi, my name is Lily! This is the first part of a two-part guide for exhibitionists, and anyone interested in the subject. I’ve been showing myself off for years, and I’m using this as an easy way to share hints and tips, not to mention a few juicy… Continue Reading

  • How People Hug (Tim Bray)

    Via Ming the Magnificent, oop,s I mean the Mechanic: Tim Bray sat in an airport and studied how people hug or not. People who are culturally non-huggers suffer for it; you will see what looks like a reunion after long separation between a grown daughter and a grown mother, and they will stand face to… Continue Reading

  • Mindjack: Next generation BoingBoing?

    Postings around the blogosphere for a new blog/mag just announced: Mindjack. According to their daily blog, their board is Joi Ito, Gareth Branwyn, Mark Frauenfelder, Mikki Halpin, Jon Lebkowsky, Howard Rheingold and Douglas Rushkoff. Great guys minds, all, but where are the rest of the women, fellas? Neverthless, magazine looks excellent..maybe I can start reading… Continue Reading

  • SocialText gets funding

    Blog and wiki tools are becoming investment opportunities, a great sign both for the health of the consumer-toolset tech sector, and for community-focused software. First Moveable Type got funding, now Ross Mayfield says SocialText has raised some money from: Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn and former EVP of Paypal Joi Ito, Venture Capitalist with Neoteny… Continue Reading

  • Sleeping with the Sheep: Comptche Tales

    My friend D moved to Comptche, in the redwoods east of Mendecino, about two years ago. This week she emailed a picture she’d just taken, and the following note: “i’d just finished cutting this pasture… put a couple water containers in it… the evening hay… and finally got all the ewes and lambs in there.… Continue Reading