Preserving the technology past

Ramana Rao: Brewster Kahle’s Box
Brewster’s Box
One morning a few weeks back, I ran into Brewster Kahle at the SFO airport before an early morning flight. The 2nd such coincidence of SFO x Brewster, the previous event being last January. I was off to a sales call in Arkansas, and he was off to testify at a DMCA hearing in Los Angeles. We were both tight on departures, but that didn’t stop Brewster from steering me to the nearby waiting lounge.
“You’ve got to see this, it’s really cool.” He proceeded to pull an aluminum-cornered hardcase box from his back pack. From the box, he lifted out an original VisiCalc package still in shrinkwrap. “Look at this, this started it all. They want us to destroy it. They don’t want Libraries to preserve it!” (He also showed me a box of MS Basic for an Atari.)

Also, Before the Web, Taylor Walsh’s wonderful oral histroy project has pre-Mozilla war stories.