San Jose Weekend: Food, house hunt, people

In San Jose for the weekend, looking for houses in Naglee Park, a urban neighborhood with amazing architecture and a strong sense of community.
Fueling the hunt with some really good meals–bun ga (chicken with rice vermicelli) on North 1st Street at Pho Banc; bean curd with green onion, fish in wine sauce, baby bok choy and black mushrooms at Sheng Deng; chicken burritos and jarritos at a little taqueria on Park Avenue; more bun–with shrimp grilled on sugar cane–back on North 1st Street.
Everything freshly made, flavorful, and inexpensive.
In the process of house-hunting, I’ve noticed that people on the East and West coast approach these transactions differently. We spent much of the weekend talking to people about houses they owed and we he West Coasters see the disussions as a chance to interact and learn about the other people, very proicess-oriented, while the East Coasters are more focused on the transaction–ie, the result.