Stripperella & Schlepperallas:Family of (Wo)man

The Schlepperellas: Two Bay area moms gone mad rag on the world in their comedy show.
Stripperella: Mad-ass mom Pamela Anderson is the voice of Erotica Jones, stripper by night and superhero Stripperella sometime right after that.
The Schlepperealla are two domestic CEOS, bemoaning eveything from teen angst to upper-arm flab. Stripperella is an agent for T.H.U.G.G. and a superhero who fends off nasty villains such as Dr. Cesarean, a plastic surgeon whose evil plans involve giving unexpected women explosive breast implants made of nitroglycerin, and Cheapo, a super-villain on a budget who makes his henchman share a gun. Seperated by 20 years and 60 lbs, whose to say they’re not sisters under the skin?