4th of July and didn’t make any plans–Web links worth noting

New Museum Show, The American Affect:
Lawrence Rinder-curated show, The American Affect, at the Whitney in NYC.
Rinder: This show carries on the Whitney?s longtime commitment to illuminating the times in which we live. America has a profound influence on the daily lives of the world?s citizens? and the image of the United States has come to bear almost mythological weight. The American Effect is about the ways in which America?s real and imagined effects intertwine to become a compelling source of themes, images, and ideas for artists around the world.
New SFMOMA show: Illegal Art, Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age
New “Fish-out’of Water’ Narrative, The Island Chronicles:
Mark Fraufelder and family arrive in Rarotonga, an island in the South Pacific.
Who is Joi Ito and how did he get that way?: Joit Ito is an investor/VC who is extremely involved in the blogging world and who has made investments in a number of new blogging start-ups. He’s just posted a wonderful self portrait in his blog. One of my goals in the world, post leaving AOL, is to have a more transparent relationship between my work self and my non0work self–Joi dones an amazing jon of achieving this in his account of who he is and how he became that way. Bravo!

Wonderful photos, via SandHill Tech: Photog Aicha Hockx