About.com moves to Blogs

Howard Sherman, former SVP of Content for About.com, notes that the company has moved its Guides to blogs:
About.com, a network of more than 400 sites and one of the largest producers of original content on the Web, just relaunched those sites as Weblogs. ..This development is significant for a few reasons:
*It’s probably the single largest addition of content to the blogosphere to date.
*All of these sites are advertiser supported so it should help give credence to blogs as a viable business model.
*The sites are using Moveable Type software which is a vote of confidence in Moveable Type’s technology.
I too know the About.com folks (though clearly not as well as Howard), and have been hearing about these plans for some time.
Here’s the big question: When do they add contextual search links to the pages using their Sprinks network?
And will they launch a blogging community? And resell Moveable Type blogs to their audience?
It will be great to see this effort evolve.