Bestselling Literary Classics–What sells every year?

More from Publisher’s Lunch:
Book Magazine has compiled a list of Top 50 Classic Bestsellers, drawn from Bookscan data.
(The list excludes titles that had strong movie tie-ins (like Lord of the
Rings) and doesn’t incorporate high school and college bookstore sales.)
The Top 25 range from The Hobbit, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Red
Tent, all at 500,000 copies a year or greater, down to The House on
mango Street, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Price and Prejudice, all just
about the 100,000-copy a year level.
It’s interesting to think about how many of these books I have read–and then how many made a profound impression on me. The Hobbit, Catcher in the Rye, 1984–these are rites of passage books that everyone should read and they’re heavily represented on the list. Then there are other, newer titles such as The Red Tent and Memoirs of a Geisha which are good books, but less special.
Interesting question: What would you expect to be on this list that is missing?