Commuter train derailment wrecks my day

Today was one of those days, the ones you are glad don’t come to often, the ones where the parts don’t add up to enough change for a cup of coffee. There was a train derailment this morning than snarled my trip into NY and sent me through Hoboken, then my lunch meeting got cancelled and I ended up rushing to make a train at Penn Station to go home only to learn the trains were not running–because of the morning’s trail derailment.
None of this is awful stuff, but I am feeling intensely busy–have a big project I am finishing up, some smaller projects that also need attention, and some very interesting new projects developing–so time needs to be managed.
Also, there’s that yard sale I haven’t done much for besides buy signs, the school transcripts I have to get and all the rest of life’s desiderata (great word, huh?)
This is a polite way of saying I spent about 90 minutes this afternoon feeling like the top of my head was going to blow off. Only then I had the Susan Mernit survival reaction, which is one of those strategies that have saved me from ulcer, high blood pressure and carob-loading fries when under stress—I got over it. Yes, I GOT OVER IT. Said this is the way it is, lousy luck, and went on from there. Actually ended up going to see a friend/colleague on the way home and had very productive conversations about cool business ideas and new products we want to develop together.