Department of Lotsa Numbers

1. Which cities have the fastest-growing web usage?
According to a recent Netratings study, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Washington,
D.C., displayed more growth than any other U.S. cities, based on June 2002
to June 2003 measurements conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings.
The top ten growth markets are reported as
1. Atlanta
2. Los Angeles
3. Washington, D.C
4. Chicago
5. Seattle
6. Dallas
7. New York
8. Boston
9. Philadelphia
10. San Francisco
2. How do teens spend their (free) time?
The latest study from Yahoo and CARAT, a media planning/buying agency, reports that teens spend more time online than they do watching television.
The top activities are:
1. Online, 16.7 hours per week
2. Watching TV, 13.6 hours
3. Listening to the radio, 12 hours
4. Talking on the phone, 7.7 hours
5. Recreational reading, 6 hours
How much of that online use is IM-ing and downloading and playing music–simultaneously, of course?
Also, the questionnaire appears to have left out: staring at your face in the mirror looking for blackheads; applying products to your hair, taking long showers 3X a day, smoking weed and drinking beer, and driving around aimless with your one friend who has a license and whose parents are stupid enough to let him have a car (note: this child is usually the youngest or next to youngest of a brood of 4 or more and Mom and Dad have had it.)