Department of Surpising Coincidences: Find Dave Weinberger in this story

So my husband and I head out last night to South Orange’s new coffee spot. This little suburban town is so boring, a new coffee lounge is a big thing(we’re only 30 minutes from NYC, so excitement usually isn’t a local commodity.)
Anyway, the place is packed. Looks like a coffee bar in Los Gatos or Campbell, places where people are serious about both their brew and comfy chairs to drink it in.
So, my old friend Sue Willis is there with her husband and two friends. We all chat. Sue, who is a fiction writer, says she Googled herself the other day and found my blog. I’d started it right after I saw her in March. The other couple have kids who know my son; their son is DJ’ing in the back room of the coffee bar and probably responsible for packing in the gaggle of HS students running back and forth.
Sue’s husband is named Andy. He’s a doctor. I’ve known them for 17 years–another set of ex-Brooklynites who moved to South Orange. “You blog?” Andy says. “My brother is really into that. He has a blog…”
Flash of lucidity– Dave Weinberger is Andy’s brother!
“His blog is Joho the Blog,” I shoot out. “He’s great, I’ve been reading his writing since way before he had a blog.”
“Will he know you?” Andy asks. I say probably not, maybe my name, and we keep having the nice chat we’re having, which partly consists of my trying to explain to Andy what RSS and news readers are and how he should get his brother to set him up with one.
It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it, as Steven Wright said.
P.S. BTW, Dave Weinberger is one of the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto, one of those books you’ll want to check out if you are interested in the new economy and business trends.