Did you shop eBay this week?

According to an Internet Retailer piece, Neilsen/Netratings announced that eBay.com was the top shopping destination for the week of June 22, beating number 2 by 52% in unique visitors. In addition, eBay won big in terms of time spent–visitors interacted with the site for an average of 41 minutes, 50 seconds compared to 2nd place Amazon’s visitings staying for an average of 8 minutes, 13 seconds.
I was an eBay addict for about 18 months, then my interest tapered off. The day I decided to leave AOL, I stopped shopping on eBay (says alot about how buying vintage clothes online in hotel rooms while alone and bored at night is a symptom of poor quality of life), and I haven’t gone back, not cause I woldn’t, just haven’t felt the urge.