How to get page views from pets

From Rob Runette at NAA’s Digital Edge: Adopts Pet Listings as Community Service, Revenue Opportunity
Online search and the opportunity to sell targeted ads on results pages have
dominated digital-media discussions lately. Certain site sections are proven
page-view generators, particularly in the classified verticals. In Phoenix,
The Arizona Republic’s is enjoying strong usage of a recently
launched adoptable pets site that’s perfect for multiple searches per visit.
Operated as a co-brand with nonprofit organization pets911, the site’s
database includes listings from dog pounds, Humane Society chapters and
fostering organizations throughout the U.S. There were no upfront or
recurring costs for, which keeps full control of the ad
inventory on the co-brand pages and keeps all revenue, says Mike Coleman,
the Republic’s senior manager/digital media. The sales team plans to
approach major pet chains, veterinarians and even “doggie day spas” in
Phoenix, Coleman says. The pets site has averaged 250,000 per month since
its launch in late April.