Is blogging a boy toy?

A quick look at the Popdex list of the Top 100 blogging sites, and well-articulated grumblings by the few women involved in some of the recent blogging conferences suggest that blogging, like web software development before it, has evolved as a heavily male space, especially in terms of the “top” bloggers.
Now, a report from Jupiter, published in CyberAtlas article, confirms that while guys are not really doing more of the blogging, they make up the majority of blog-readers. According to Robyn Greenspan, author of the CyberAtlas piece,
“…Blogs seem to be read mostly by men (60 percent vs. 40 percent women), in homes where the total income is more than $60,000 per year (61 percent).”
As someone old enough to participate in the early days of the pre-web and web(say 1992-1995), I remember when the Internet was a male phenomena, with few women involved in either using or developing those early web sites. Of course, by 1998, women made up more than 50% of the web-surfing population, even if they were still proportionally under-represented in the management ranks of Internet companies.
So even if the Blogosphere seems like a boy toy right now, the tipping point is going to come. As the tools improve, more and more women will begin to work in this space, writing, creating products, and evangelizing. There already are some great women out there–we just need more of them.