John Robb on server-side blogging tools

Via Scott Mace:
John Robb writes:
“Public weblog portability. I was e-mailing with xian about the portability of weblogs and how to maintain presence online. Sure, there is nothing you can do if the people who own the domain you are using shut down your weblog or go out of business in regards to a seamless transition, however, there is alot that can be done. Like what? Here are some ideas for a service that would be really useful. First, I would start with single repository of weblogs where the owner of the weblog can change the location of their weblog and other descriptive data by signing into an account. This service would need to be tightly controlled and trusted. If you don’t own the domain, your hosting company or hosting sponsor would need to support the account creation.”
This is another intersting opportunity for Web hosting service providers. With AOL’s entry into the Weblog hosting space, I’ve added a separate Radio category to this blog to track Welblog developments. Weblog portability would also be a huge win for consumers, who face “blog tool lock-in” without some kind of portability.”
Agreed, these are good ideas.