Moving West: It’s days, not weeks

I was on vacation in Portugal in early January, and I remember looking at the palm trees in Lisbon, and really missing California. Then I left AOL after 3 non-stop years, three cities, and two coasts, and started my own consulting firm with 4 amazing guys (I realize I haven’t written about 5ive much, so I am going to do that in my next post.) At some point back then, we also decided to move back to California and spend just part of our time in New York (I have done so much commuting across the country, I am totally used to this).
Back then, the idea of moving was months away.
Now, it is days.
July 31st we move out of our NJ house. The truck with our belongings will be heading cross-country, my son, cat, and I will be on a plane, and my husband and the dog will be driving West on their junket. We’re in the count-down now, even as I keep working on my business projects: get school transcripts, prepare for the yard sale we’ve having tomorrow (arrghh), pick through all the books and make boxes for the second hand store, plan what to bring on the plane and what to pack.
I’m excited about going back; there are some very cool projects I will work on out there, and some great people I will have more time to talk with. I’ll also be back in NY in a few weeks, working with some clients and potential clients, and in Aspen for a few days for a project at the end of August.
But it’s just about that transition point–the big move–the same big move across the country I have done twice before since 2000!