Phil Wolff: Is email the ultimate microcontent manager?

THIS is a discussion I can really get behind. Steve Gillmor and Phil Wolff asking Is email the ultimate microcontent manager?

Perhaps blogging tools will also blend into mail clients.
Posting from your mail client (your blogs are just special email addresses) and IM/irc/SMS.
Read your RSS feeds with Outlook or Eudora or whatever Macheads use these days.
Configure your weblog with a properties dialog your mail client.

Meanwhile, all the independent software developers are getting creative. Mail service providers jump at RSS to differentiate themselves. NewsReaders gain features people use to manage overflowing email. Portal makers flow RSS feeds in and out. Blog hosters bake RSS into default templates. Social network and digital ID elements are touching syndication, promising new value for getting messages via syndication server vs. email server.
This is GOOD stuff, Phil I look forward to talking with you.