Sunday & Sunday dinner

The son is still in California at music camp, so Spencer & I went off the Central Park this am with the dog–great walk, cool breeze, and a chance to experiment with the new digital camera.
Had a nap and a quick trip to the library. Took out All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve, renewed the McNally Grateful Dead history for 2 more weeks, Atwoods’ Oryx and Crake, and still have Colette’s Claudine novels to get through.
Made a good dinner for a change–have been doing NO cooking (always a reflection of how busy I am). Tonight’s meal, however, was carefully assembled:
Salmon, tuna and cucumber/avocado sushi from the market
Big composed salad: Peppers, olives, blueberries (got into putting fruit in my salad in California), sweet onions, radishes, tomoatoes, salad greens
Salmon salad
Warm pita bread
Bottled water
Now Spencer’s taken the dog to the woods for his evening walk (dog is clearly benefiting from no child around), and I’m back at work, about to edit a large document.
Heading to the West Coast August 1st. Lots to do before then.