TV News: Tamara Haddad to join MSNBC as producer

My friend Tammi Haddad is joining MSNBC to produce its 6 pm political programs, “Buchanan and the Press,” the network announced today.. I was lucky enough to work with Tammi for a few months last year on the prototypes for a live interactive news and issues show to be aired on AOL, and she is brilliant.
One of the first producers of Larry King Live on CNN, Tammi was executive producer of that program until 1993, when she became the senior producer of the “Today” show on NBC. She worked in network television until a few years ago, when she went off on her own and consulted for a variety of companies and executives.
Prediction: This show suddenly gets ALOT more interesting, and gets more press and share of mind–Tammi has that nose for news and she gets people as well.

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  1. Kimberly (Kamensky) Messadieh says:

    Tammi and I were friends at Thomas Jefferson High School in SW Pennsylvania. Remembering how she would “hold court” upstairs in the attic of their house converted into a large bedroom, balancing phone calls and guests, I’m not at all surprised she wound up producing talk shows.
    I’d enjoy hearing from her. Please tell her I said hello.

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