Will AOL Journals help save AOL?

According to a recent column, the upcoming call with AOL analysts cold reveal that the service has experienced a dramatic drop in subscribers. Since last year,AOL has lost 465,000 members high-speed providers or cheaper ISPs.
If the pace continues, the online giant will lose 1.3 million of its 26 million U.S. members this year. “They’re getting squeezed.
AOL is clearly working hard to proovide added value for subscribers. I saw the new AOL Journals blogging tool last night and it looks great–clean, easy, and VERY functional. And the hot live events–Fred Durst, etc. should make the kids happy.
It’s also clear that Jon Miller is striving to remake the service into a transaction and utility-driven tool that gets the highest % of revenue out of the members, and that he continues to cut costs and people in the unit. But will enough members care?
The competition is fierce, and AOL is going to go all out with 9.0–won’t be boring.