Yard Sale Day 1 a Big Success

Well, the vintage sweaters, Pottery Barn drapes, and 1930s hat boxes are mostly unsold, but the 80s CDs, old TNN review video review copies, kitchen detrius, and tons of what I am not sure exactly what that was but I know we didn’t want it anymore have netted us about $400. I also acquired an impressive sunburn.
We have 3 more hours of selling tomorrow.
About an hour into the sale, everything will go 50% off currently prices (that means old pairs of shoes for 50 cents each). By 2 pm, I hope that the leftovers are all in boxes for charity, packed neatly for eBay sale later on (all that vintage cashmere), and/or tossed into a heavy duty contractor’s bag for delivery to the dump.There were some nice moments:
–The heavily pregnant young woman and her heavily tattooed husband who bought some small items and were thrilled when we gave them our (free) ‘hairy chair’ for their pets to sit in in her studio.
–The neatly-dressed man who kept adding items for him wife: fur hat, hand-thrown bowl, small paperweight.
–Two middle-aged Africans, father and son, who bought up all the ExOfficio pants and shirts my husband no longer wanted.
–The dopy-smokling hippie artist who bought my orange Vera shirt, and the slender blonde who bought another Vera shirt because she had been friends with another one of Vera’s (now-gone) designers.