AOL: Journals Launched

From the press release:
Members can create an AOL Journal based on their particular interests, hobbies or needs, and can be anything members want, including a baby book, a family picture album, a fan site for sports or music. For example, families may design a journal to keep in touch with relatives while travelers will find it handy to set up journals to post descriptions of their journeys. Business professionals will appreciate being able to create journals devoted to industry trends while music and entertainment fans can publish personal observations about the celebrities that fascinate them the most. News journals will allow amateur and aspiring journalists to provide their take on current events while others can choose to set up personal journals to post commentary and links on areas of interest or eclectic hobbies.”
According to an insider, AOL Journals already has about 7,000 users, but it’s jumped up into the top 200 on AOL searches, indicating members are interested.
Massive scaling will depend on the quantity of promotion that AOL provides.