Around the blogosphere

Guterman’s back: The always-fluent Jimmy Guterman has posted after a long hiatus and getting settled in a new job: …But the most successful business blogs will be those that revolve around personalities of individuals or small groups, not entire companies. The blogs of UserLand’s Dave Winer and John Robb, for example, succeeded in part because that small company is so closely associated with those two people. There wasn’t much difference between a personal weblog and a business weblog for these guys, because the two were so intertwined. Most “business blogs” you see are from people whose business is also their hobby and passion.”
Jon Dube: 60 ways to improve your newspaper site (just in case you are in charge of one and haven’t seen this):
Offer readers access to real estate ads a day or two earlier online (or send via e-mail) and charge extra for this access or limit to print subscribers
Offer an online coupon section
Create timely special packages from archived content and sell them to sponsors
Set up online town hall meetings (i.e. chats) with local political candidates
Create a downloadable MP3 section and let local bands upload their tunes for readers to download
Create multimedia obituaries online and charge extra for them. Then
Create multimedia wedding announcements online and charge extra for them
Use the Weblog format to cover a breaking news event
Do at least one thing on this list.