Blogging Behavior: Dave Pollard’s time shifts

At How to Save the World, Dave Pollard writes about his behavior as a blogger and charts his activities:

Dave writes: …Why can’t we enhance blog software so it allows a discussion, at the author’s discretion, to migrate simply to other, more powerful conversational tools without losing the connection to the initial blog post that provoked it? I could (as lots of bloggers do) add applets and links for chat, IM, voice-over-IP, a webcam, desktop videoconferencing, my forums and groups, and my Ryze and LinkedIn pages.”
I spend about an hour a day blogging; I could easily spend two, but I don’t usually have the time. The areas where I spend less time that Dave are reading others blogs in my newsreader(that’s been every other day, lately), checking Feedster and Technorati, and promotion. One of the things I find most thrilling about blogging is the extended group conversation going on–I write, others write, we read one another, new people read the blogs, and so on. And then my real world friends–most of them not bloggers–sometimes read my blog as well, and….so on, I have written about this before.
(Via Steven Delaney’s Blogging Alone)