Brad Wilson: Wants new blogging software…I want…

Brad wants new blogging software. He says ” Now, there’s nothing wrong with the crop of blog software out there, but it all pretty much works the same. I’m not even sure what I want different… I just want something different. What I want, really, is something so radically different that it’s hard to even call it “blog software”.”
I don’t want new blogging software, but I want new tools:
–Server side newsreaders that can also be downloaded to my desktop so I can see the same blogs on different machines;
–Ability to do custom syndications of my blog without having to be a geek ( ai am so not…)
–FOAF easy to install and turn on
–Blogrolling as dynamic and intuitive tool
–Integrated toolsuite–not piece meal–recommendations and rankings of other blogs, notify when updated, send update via email.
–Want to add comments and send RSS or other feed format items to a friend
I realize all these things are possible..but most of them are also a pain. Can’t someone make them work better and integrate them together? It won’t devalue blogging if the tool challenges get a little easier for users.
(See Phil Wolff, aklog apart)

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  1. Foo Ming Chern says:

    hey hey,
    few years have past and hope you’ve done well…
    with the passing of the years,
    WordPress has become incredibly popular.
    There is an abundance of plugins available out there.
    Log on to to take a look. :)

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