Bumped by the Blackout: Back online now

Am in NYC till tomorrow–many of my meetings got trashed by the blackout. Yesterday, I was in a loft on 19th Street, with my partners in 5ive, when the power went out.
Snapshots from the streets:
–A frail women in her 70’s hitching a ride uptown on 20th street and Third Avenue
–Office workers lounging on the steps of many Park Avenue office buildings, smoking, laughing, and drinking 40’s and glasses of wine.
–The full moon over the Central Park viaduct, the sky dark.
–BBQ and a bonfire in the courtyard of a building on 103rd Street
–Central Harlem at 9 am, pitch-black with no cars, white flashes of t-shirts as groups of kids walked outside
–Six police cars clustered outside the trashed out buildings on 145th Street and Madison Avenue, their drivers out directing bus traffic
–The dark silence of the West Side Drive, no lights anywhere, the water glimmering beyond the embankment.