Department of Does the Left Hand Know what the Right Hand is doing?

What would you think if you read that Netscape, the division of AOL that laid off all its engineers and took its name off the buildings in Mountain View, had just partnered with an online learning company to create a premium education center on the Internet?
In AOL-think, this makes perfect sense: the Netscape portal is still in the top 50 sites in terms of traffic overall, and then opportunity to convert .05% of the user base to paid, premium online education services probably looked pretty good in the original focus groups and tests. So what if you’ve dumped the browser? What does that have to do with making money from premium services, something the Web Properties group, which includes Netscape and CompuServe, desperately needs to do.
A friend asked me today if I thought AOL would sell Netscape and I said I could see them licensing the name, especially abroad, more than selling it. On othe other hand, if they could sell the portal site to make a buck, they would. So, does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? Probably not, but it doesn’t matter that much for now.