Harvard Business Review: The case of the workplace blogger

Halley Suitt’s just published a piece in the Harvard Business Review. Here’s what Halley has to say about it:
” ‘I’ve just published a piece on blogging in Harvard Business Review called “A Blogger In Their Midst” which is a (fictional) “case study” about a CEO who is perplexed by a blogger known as Glove Girl. who’s spilling secrets, drawing bigger crowds at industry events and happens to be on his payroll. Here’s their schpiel from the Table of Contents
HBR Case Study
A Blogger In Their Midst
Halley Suitt
A tech-savvy employee has something to say about everything at surgical glove manufacturer Lancaster-Webb. When she raved on-line about an older style of gloves, sales unexpectedly shot up. And when she posted damaging information about a potential customer’s business practices, the deal collapsed. Is “Glove Girl” a priceless marketing weapon or a grave security risk”

Commentators on the scenario–HBR’s version of ‘Can This Marriage Be Saved?” are The four experts commenting on my piece are none other than our favorite boy blogger David Weinberger, also the only CEO I know who blogs, Ray Ozzie of Groove, law professor Pamela Samuelson from UC Berkeley and EMC VP of Human Resources Erin Motameni.
(link via Dave Winer)