Mernit’s manias

I’v been amazing busy working on projects for clients and proposals for prospective clients, so feel like I haven’t had as much time to think as before.
One of my projects involves pulling together a large amount of comparative data and market research about the online advertising market, paid search, blogging, RSS, social networks, and almost everything else you could think of of interest in the ‘new and emerging’ category.
Another project, which I will start next week for real, involves researching and writing about blogging. community, and political activity/elections, etc.
I’m also working on interesting product develop plans for some other clients.
I’m hoping to share some of the more surprising comparative data after I’ve pulled everything together–this is going to be a real look across the business landscape.
I am also starting to think about what I want to talk about at BlogCon. Given that Dave Winer says he has 2000 emails in his inbox, I hope he finds mine, and pings me so we can talk about the panel (hear that, Dave? Thx.)