NJ.com: NJ Weblog list and forum

Okay, so I was bitching about the lack of a Jersey web log list and said Jeff Jarvis and NJ.com would do something about it. And they did! (Not because of me, believe me). NJ.com now carries a nice little list of NJ.com–sponsored web logs, along with a small, but hopefully growing list of Jersey web logs from civilian folk. Also a weblogs forum for local obsessives in NJ and elsewhere. Of course, right now, 90% of the posts in the weblogs forum are from NJ.com editor Dean Betz, but hey, it’s a start–why don’t you go there and post right now if you have even the faintest interest in Jersey blogs? Tell’em about your blog, why doncha? Help them make this list really good, worthy of Jersey Pride.