• UserLand Ranks Top 100 RSS Feeds

    From Digital Edge and Rob Runett, some neat items this week: UserLand Ranks Top 100 RSS Feeds: NYTimes.com provides eight of the 100 most-subscribed-to RSS feeds by RadioUserLand customers, according to a list compiled by online communications specialist UserLand Software Inc. The Christian Science Monitor, San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmor and USA Today… Continue Reading

  • Hi-tech fruit pickers help the needy

    Hitachi workers and volunteers harvested 8,500 pounds of french prunes, one of the big crops of the region formerly known as “the Valley of heart’s desire”, now known as Silicon Valley, to donate to the homeless. 170 volunteers nabbed the fruit off 50 trees in Hitachi’s 322-acre corporate park that also has fruiting apricot, peach,… Continue Reading

  • Writing and crying

    Two years after, and these tapes bring it back: PATH Ch. 019 PORT AUTHORITY POLICE OFFICER: There’s … this is bad. They got planes all over the radar, coming into the New York area. They think everything is going to start hitting. OFFICER’S MOTHER: Oh … please promise you’ll call again!

  • 9 11: Transcript from Windows on the World

    From ABCNews.com: … A PERSON CALLING FROM WINDOWS ON THE WORLD: Hi, this is [person’s name], from Windows on the World on the 106th floor. The situation on 106 is rapidly getting worse. POLICE OFFICER RAY MURRAY (To people in the background): I got a fourth call from Windows on the World, it’s getting rapidly… Continue Reading

  • Chef-a-holic: What I made for dinner

    Went to the farmer’s market at San Pedro Square for 30 minutes this am, which resulted in this meal, eaten at the table outside in the yard: String beans sauteed with garlic and scallions Grilled corn with pico de gallo and lime Artichoke foccacia (made by a company in Hayward, CA) Spinach salad with olive… Continue Reading

  • Tracking the Tripod Blog Builder

    TerraLycos announced today that their Tripod Blog Builder has just won an award from PC Magazine for ease of use. Launched in February, the tool is part of a subscription package that Tripod and Angelfire users can purchase (4.95 to $19.95 per month); there is also a free version. Director of Product Management Brian Carr… Continue Reading

  • Former AOL-er to pitch pineapples for Steve Case

    David Cole, Hawaii-raised ex- AOL executive who went on to create a model organic showfarm in Virginia and purchase Cascadian Farms, has just been hired by Maui Land & Pineapple Inc., an organic pineapple grower (guess where) whose majority shareholder is former AOL chairman and major Hawaii guy Steve Case. Maui Land owns approximately 28,600… Continue Reading

  • Louise Gluck named US Poet Laureate

    Poet Louise Gluck was just named poet laureate of the US. A student of Stanley Kunitz, the 60-year old Gluck gave several readings for the Academy of American Poets when I worked there as a 20 year old aspiring writer, back in the day and on the heels of Kathy Norris. Like James Wright, another… Continue Reading